Jolly Roger at the Pier

Looping Star Roller Coaster

A unique view of the Looping Star roller coaster at Jolly Roger in Ocean City, MD.

Looping Star Roller Coaster Information

The Looping Star Roller Coaster at the Pier will send you upside down over and over again. The looping track and the high speeds will leave you questioning up for down, right from left. Strap in and hang on for fast-paced fun in OCMD! It’s one of the best rides on the Boardwalk…you’ll probably find yourself going back again and again for more.

Points Needed to Ride: 8pts
Height Requirements: 55" or 49" w/an adult of at least 18 years of age

Looping Star Roller Coaster Gallery

  • The roller coaster ride at Jolly Roger, The Looping Star, photographed in action mid loop.
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  • Roller Coaster Ocean City MD jolly roger pier


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