Jolly Roger at the Pier Ferris Wheel

Jolly Roger at the Pier

Jolly Roger® At The Pier

Welcome to Jolly Roger® at the Pier is a lasting symbol of Ocean City fun, with amusement park rides, games, fishing, and entertainment. And let’s not forget about the iconic businesses housed in the pier’s building, including Thrasher’s French Fries and Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Visit us at the Jolly Roger® Pier today and start making your own lifetime memories. Jolly Roger® Amusement Park has rides and games the whole family can enjoy. And as always, there is never a charge to just relax and stroll through Ocean City’s only full-service Family Amusement Facility.

Jolly Roger Pier Kraken Ride
An Ocean City Tradition Since 1964

Featured Attractions

Drop & Twist

The Drop & Twist at the Pier will send you spiraling up 45 feet and back down again as you drop and rotate all the way to the bottom. This ride is sure to quickly become an Ocean City boardwalk staple!

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Freestyle 360

Experience new thrills on the Freestyle 360! This new ride at the Pier will take you full-circle on a 360-degree spin, looping through the air. Come to a screeching halt at the top of this new thrill ride where you’ll continue to rotate as you hang upside down. Check out the Freestyle 360 as the sun begins to set, where you’ll be captivated by hundreds of flashing lights.

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The Kraken is a terrorizing ride, much like the prehistoric sea creature! Hold on for dear life as the Kraken’s tentacles whip you over the ocean.

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Looping Star Roller Coaster

The Looping Star Roller Coaster at the Pier will send you upside down over and over again. The looping track and the high speeds will leave you questioning up for down, right from left. Strap in and hang on for fast-paced fun in OCMD! It’s one of the best rides on the Boardwalk… you’ll probably find yourself going back again and again for more.

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Giant Wheel

You can’t picture the Ocean City Boardwalk without the image of the Giant Wheel. A boardwalk favorite, it’s not a trip to OCMD without a ride on the Giant Wheel at the Pier. Enjoy sweeping views of Ocean City, the beach, the ocean, and the inlet as you are perched high above the Pier and the crowds. Perfect chance for a family photo-op!

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If you’ve ever walked along the Boardwalk in OCMD than you have probably noticed the giant slingshot that catapults its screaming victims into the air. It’s a sight to be seen, but even better, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss! It’s the world famous Slingshot! But the real question is…are you brave enough for the Slingshot?? The ultimate thrill ride will have even the biggest daredevils quaking. Strap in, hold on, and prepare to be shot high into the sky. You can hear the screams from 10 blocks away! But don’t let that scare you, the Slingshot has long lines and eager riders for a reason – it’s a wild ride you won’t ever forget.

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