Rides you can ride without an adult

Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Ride Jolly Roger
Pirate Ship
Drop Tower at the Pier
Drop & Twist
360 Ride
Freestyle 360
Crazy Cabs Easter 2 1
Crazy Cabs
Jumpin Jack
Jumpin’ Jack
Sky Race
Sky Race
Tea 1 Resized
Tea Cups
Kraken 2 Min
Mg 2450
Power Surge
Tornado Sample
Mg 1082 Resized
Ocvg15 Jolly Roger Contact Sheet 10
Giant Wheel
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Special Requirements: 12 years old or w/ an adult - no single riders

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Special Requirements: 44" / Combined rider weight must exceed 150 lbs.

Motel 1 Min
Morbid Manor
Double Decker Carousel
Double Decker Venetian Carousel
Bumper 3 Min
Bumper Cars
Mg 2290
Family Himilaya
Mg 1094 Resized1
Midway Games
Pier Beach Ocean Fishing Inlet
OC Fishing Pier
81389 Thrashers 620x413
Thrasher’s French Fries
Ripleys Boardwalk1
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Rides you can ride with an adult

Coaster 3 Min
Looping Star Roller Coaster